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Redwood City Railing Installation

We proudly serve Redwood City and the Greater San Francisco Bay Area. Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, Redwood City is known for its vibrant downtown and scenic waterfront. Whether you need to replace a stair rail in your home or require new rails for a home addition, we offer a wide range of options. Our selection includes modern designs like glass rails, cable rails, and horizontal rails, as well as traditional styles such as forged pickets and simple vertical rails. Whatever your railing needs, we provide diverse styles to suit any home.

Why Would You Need Railing Services in California?

In California, building codes are strict regarding safety measures, particularly when it involves elevation changes within properties. Here’s why you might find yourself needing professional railing services:

  1. Guard Rails: According to California Building Codes, any area with a vertical drop of more than 30 inches requires a guard rail. These rails must be at least 42 inches high to provide adequate safety and prevent falls.
  2. Stair Rails: Stairs with more than four risers must have stair rails to help prevent accidents. The required height for these rails is between 34 and 38 inches. This specification ensures that the rails provide effective support for individuals using the stairs.

Our railing services are designed to meet these safety standards, ensuring that your installations are not only compliant but also enhance the safety of your space. Whether you’re updating an existing structure or undertaking new construction, our expert team can guide you through selecting and installing the proper rails to meet California’s safety regulations. Trust us to handle your railing needs with precision and care, ensuring compliance and safety for your property.

Cable Rail with Shelf
Horizontal Rail Top Of Stairs With Flat Rail

Railing Systems

Cable Rail – Cable Rails are great option for a more modern look. Makes the space look more spacious. The cable makes little to no visual impact. This helps when you are not trying to obstruct a view off of a balcony or a fancy set of stairs. 

Glass Rail – Glass Rails are also a great addition for modern homes. Glass Rails have the same properties as cable rails when it comes to visual impact. Glass rails have an increased protection since there is no air space in the middle of the rail. There are many variations of Glass Rails that we offer.

Custom Rail – Custom Rails can range in style. We have designed custom rails that have more of a traditional look and feel or we can give it a modern twist. Do you have any reference rails that you have seen somewhere or any of the rails we have on our Gallery. We can design a rail with those designs for any need in your home.

Horizontal Rail – Horizontal Rails are a more traditional approach to rails with a contemporary look. There is more metal on a Horizontal Rail but it helps with the look and feel and will also help with the feeling of protection although all of rails are safe for all types of scenarios.

Etc… These are only a few examples. Feel free to check out our Gallery for more Railing Systems and examples of our work.

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