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Danville Railing Installation
Danville California

We serve Danville and the Greater San Francisco Bay Area. Whether you are looking to replace a stair rail in your home or you’re making an addition to your home and need a new set of Rails. Whether you’re looking for something modern like our Glass Rails, Cable Rails or Horizontal Rails. Or if you’re looking for something more traditional like forged pickets, or simple vertical rails, we offer it all. 

Why Cable Rails?

Cable Rails are very popular in houses where you are looking for a more modern and minimalistic feel. With our cable rails the only part that is the most visible from far out, are the posts we use, this could be minimized by the size tubing we use as the posts, we also powder coat our posts which we can use to either help make the posts less visible or to get a color that works best with the colors that surround it. Feel free to check out our gallery to see the different cable rails we have designed.

Cable Rail Bar Top Chairs Pulled Up
Horizontal Rail Top Of Stairs With Flat Rail

Railing Systems

Cable Rail – Cable Rails are great option for a more modern look. Makes the space look more spacious. The cable makes little to no visual impact. This helps when you are not trying to obstruct a view off of a balcony or a fancy set of stairs. 

Glass Rail – Glass Rails are also a great addition for modern homes. Glass Rails have the same properties as cable rails when it comes to visual impact. Glass rails have an increased protection since there is no air space in the middle of the rail. There are many variations of Glass Rails that we offer.

Custom Rail – Custom Rails can range in style. We have designed custom rails that have more of a traditional look and feel or we can give it a modern twist. Do you have any reference rails that you have seen somewhere or any of the rails we have on our Gallery. We can design a rail with those designs for any need in your home.

Horizontal Rail – Horizontal Rails are a more traditional approach to rails with a contemporary look. There is more metal on a Horizontal Rail but it helps with the look and feel and will also help with the feeling of protection although all of rails are safe for all types of scenarios.

Etc… These are only a few examples. Feel free to check out our Gallery for more Railing Systems and examples of our work.

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