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Combines traditional Blacksmith forging and forming techniques with modern technology and machinery to create an elegant and functional railing

License # 1003244

License# 1003244

Bay Area Railings works with steel, iron, bronze, brass, stainless steel, aluminum, and galvanized metals to meet the needs of all applications.

Our metal products are made to last and age along side your home or business for years to come. We like to design every railing in a way that it can help the user safely make their way up or down a stairway, while also complementing the surroundings. We strive for fuction as well as beauty.

Bay Area Railings is the San Francisco Bay Area’s  premier railing fabricator.

Our clients are residential or commercial customers looking to make their environment safer while maintaining its beautiful look.

We are railing specialists

Unlike larger iron shops our small crew only builds railings. Which gives us the advantage in fabricating these intricate and artistic designs that the customer is usually after. Our entire business is constructed in a way to better serve the railing customer not the iron industry as a whole.

We can blend our railings into your existing structure/design/landscape.

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